• The truth about the Network Marketing Industry – Is it a pyramid scam or legit business opportunity?

    The truth about the Network Marketing Industry – Is it a pyramid scam or legit business opportunity?

    In 2001 I was presented with my first Network Marketing opportunity. I had no idea of what I was getting myself into; I just knew I wanted to be a business owner. I wanted everything that was being told to me such as: You can make a lot of money, you can have time freedom, you can make money while you are sleeping and the list can go on for days. The truth of the matter is that over 90% of people who are presented with the opportunity quit even before they really get started because they are looking at it as a pyramid scam or a get rich quick scam. They don't see the true opportunity in the business, the leadership or the vision. If you are a true follower of Mr. Wingonomics you know what a vision is.


    I believe that network marketing gives anyone the opportunity to create wealth because it's not about the product or service the company provides to the market, it about the hands on business training and networking opportunities you will encounter. Majority of network marketer have additional businesses they own that can be another opportunity for you in its self. Plus, it’s an opportunity for you to get the training you need to be in business for yourself. Within my network marketing days I took advantage of every training event offered and attended as many conventions as possible.

    I credit it to my success today to network marketing because it has helped me mentally to prepare for failure, hearing the word "NO" and how to overcome adversity. It has also taught me leadership skills needed to survive entrepreneurship. So, are network marketing opportunities a pyramid scam or a legit business opportunity? The answer is “They are a legit business opportunity” but only if you are willing to put in the work necessary to make it work. You may not get rich but you will make some extra money. Plus, you will learn business secrets, build relationships, and learn sales skills. Today, I personally don’t have a connection to any particular network marketing company but if you are serious about starting a homed based business you should ask yourself the following questions.

    1. Do I really want to be in business for myself?

    2. Don't look at the products and/or services but focus on what kind of opportunity it provides.

    3. Will I be able to learn how to become a leader with this opportunity?

    4. Will my recruiter train/provide me with the skills needed to be successful in business?

    5. How will this opportunity position me in the future?

    Mark A. Wingo – Financial Expert | Author | Speaker | Entrepreneur | Fundamental Strategist



  • Why I recommend banking with Credit Unions

    What I noticed about the banking industry:

    While working at two of the largest financial institutions in the Twin Cities I realized that they were all focused on money -GREED-. I recall convincing consumers to refinancing their home when in reality all they called for is a balance on their checking account. I recall offering cash advance/overdraft protection on checking account when consumers called in with an already negative account, and recommending a credit card or personal line of credit as a way to consolidate debt. These selling tactics are all fueled by greed. The banks knew that most consumers wouldn’t qualify for the loans but they did know the rule of large numbers.

    Now that a lot of the banks have seen regulation and a high rates of default by consumers they have figured out new ways to create income. Today, banks are no longer offer FREE Checking Accounts – they are charging monthly fees just to have an account with them, fees for debit card transactions, fees for ATM use, monthly minimum fees, and some banks charge you to talk to a customer services, fees to transfer money from one account to another, all while offering you 0% interest on your money. It use to be if you deposit money into the bank you were acting as if you were lending money to those who needs it with a small return on your money but today that is not the case. As you can see the world of banking is changing right before our eyes.

    Why I recommend banking with Credit Unions:

    Credit Unions have been a staple in local communities for years. They have been providing financial education to the community, offering great rates on items such as: mortgages, auto loans, and personal loans all while providing excellent customer service to its members. Have you notice that when I referred to the banks I used the word consumers and when I talk about Credit Unions I used the word members. That’s because as an account holder with a credit union you are considered a members. Credit unions are non-profit organizations owned by its members. The more money you have deposited, the more ownership you have in the credit union. You also have an opportunity to become a member of the board or have voting rights to elect board members. Credit union also offer FREE Checking with no fees, access to thousands of ATM with no fees, and most importantly no minimum balance required (in most cases – check your local credit union).

    For more information about credit unions visit: http://ncua.gov/

    To find a credit union in your area visit: http://www.findacreditunion.com

    Mark A. Wingo – Financial Expert | Author | Speaker | Entrepreneur | Fundamental Strategist



  • The Power of a T.E.A.M

    We all need people in our corner to help us get from point A to point Z in life. But if you are like most people you think you can do it all by yourself. One is such a small number to greatness. You will never get anywhere in life you are not willing to allow other into you vision. If one can chase a thousand and 2 can chase ten thousand, just imagine how a powerful T.E.A.M of like-minded people can do?

    Start by surrounding yourself around people who want to see you succeed, people who add value in your life and business. Often, when I speak/talk I’m referring to business owners but if you are an individual with no business ownership aspirations you can still create a T.E.A.M that will influence you to become better in the workplace, increase you net-worth and improve your self confidence.

    Let’s face it; you are who you surround yourself around. Start living the life of those you want to become. If inspire to become a millionaire, you need to surround yourself with other millionaires. Because it will be a matter of time before you become a millionaire. That’s the problem with most people; they surround themselves around with people who are making the same amount of income/living the same lifestyle as them or people who are in a worst financial situation than them. While there is nothing wrong with the example above but if you want to change your financial situation, you need to change you circle of influence and create a T.E.A.M of open-minded/driven people. Otherwise, you will always be in a situation of getting wrong advice with negative feedback. When you could receive advice on how to overcome, create change, diversify your income and so on.

    It all boils down to the T.E.A.M in your life. Choose wisely and surround yourself with people who are seeking a better future for themselves. People who see the glass as half full instead of half empty will be the future over comers that will be successful. You can be a part of the change process but you will have to change your circle of influence and T.E.A.M and your way of thinking about life and money.

    Mark A. Wingo – Financial Expert | Author | Speaker | Entrepreneur | Fundamental Strategist



  • Money is an idea, what are you thinking?

    I have a saying that I tell all of my clients, friends, and family and that saying is “Money is an idea, if you are lacking money, then you are most likely lacking an idea.” After that statement I ask them “what are you thinking?” The reason I ask that particular question following the “money is an idea” statement is because at that moment that person is thinking about a particular opportunity or opportunities that they have passed on. You don’t have to look back at passed opportunities anymore. My goal is to help you figure out your idea (vision) of what your dream life looks like. So you don’t have to think about your life, because you will be pursuing your idea (vision) in life.

    I’m a firm believer that money grows on trees, but you have to take actions and plant the seed. If you want to reap the fruits from your labor you have to put in the hard work. Everyone wants to be fruitful and multiply without the labor that comes with the territory. You can be successful, you can be financially free, you can write that book, you can start a business with no money, but you will have to plant that seed in the ground. Then, once you allow someone to water it and shine light on it that beautiful flower will blossom. At that moment your vision has come to pass. You are now living your dream lifestyle without a worry in the world. Most of us give up early too allow that seed process to form. The idea of wealth will not happen overnight, it’s a sometimes takes years and for most it will takes generations. Give yourself time and you will blossom into a beautiful flower.

    What are you thinking? Are you thinking about retirement, college funding for your children, or maybe you are thinking about saving for a vacation or to pay off your debt. Whatever you are thinking I’m sure it has to do with money. The reality is that majority of American are living longer, outliving the governments life expectancy. That means we are in a situation where we need to have the idea (vision) of money on our minds at all times. There is no time for fear, you have to be focus on your idea and keep pushing forward to reaching that goal of financial security.

    Did you know that 61% of people fear that they will outlive their money and only 39% of people fear death? That statistic puts fear in my heart every time I read it. For you to prosper financially you have to have an idea (vision) of where you want to be financially in the future and consistently be thinking about your journey to reach your financial destination. You should also put your fears behind you because they will only hold you back from reaching your idea (vision) in life.

    A great way to keep your mind thinking of your idea (vision) is to expect greatness in your life. Start by raising your expectation level in life. See yourself living the lifestyle of your dreams and see that idea (vision) coming to pass. Once you have a vision your goal should be to speak your vision and work your vision. A vision allows you to visit your future so that you are motivated to leave your present. You must realize that every problem has a solution and if you are motivated to leave your present that problem in your life will disappear out of your life. Your time is now. If you want it bad enough, you will find a way to reach your fullest potential in life. It starts with your mind-set, if you have a vision of being financially secure, then you will most likely reach for things that will bring you financial security. You just have to work that vision until you are success at it and it producing a lifestyle that you desire. Feeding your mind with healthy thoughts, because whatever you believe to be true about money becomes true to you.

    Mark A. Wingo - Financial Expert | Author | Speaker | Entrepreneur



  • How to expand your realities

    To expand your realities in life you must first change your way of thinking. Your life will not change until your thinking does. When it comes to money you must expand you beliefs about money. Because money is really more than you can imagine it is. Most people will hear something that is out of their imagination about money and will not receive it because it something they are told otherwise.

    Growing up we all have been told to go to school, get a good job, invest in your 401 (k) and in 40 years you will retire to a happy life. Well, that is not realistic for majority of people. It once was with our grandparents, and maybe your parents. Today, we live in a different economy where we have to do more than work 40 years of our lives. The 40/40 club is not an ideal financial plan for success. It is a plan of destruction that will leave you dependent on others. By expanding you realities you will see that you are the only person who cares about you. That is until you have created a brand for yourself. Then, everyone will want to invest in you, your idea, and your projects. If you aren’t interested in create a brand for yourself you will work yourself to death; hopefully you will have life insurance to take care of your loved ones.

    In today’s economy the only way to create financial security is to create your own paycheck. Learning how to sell yourself as an entity to the general public is key asset. It’s called “self-Branding” yourself to the world so everyone can see your gifts, talents, humor, or drama. That’s one of the many ways to create some kind of wealth for your family and future generations. Another way to expand your realities is to start a profitable business. Owning a business is the only way to create true wealth. It will allow you to strengthen your brand trough your business or you can strengthen your business through your brand. The good news is that you don’t need a college degree to start your own business or to brand yourself. All you need is a vision and an idea. A vision will take you a long way in life. It will give you motivation, desire, passion, and hope that everything will work out in the end. Being an entrepreneur is one on the most stressful, but reward decision you will ever make in life. Mainly because you are depending on yourself motivation and passion to get up and work every day. I say to myself everyday “If you don’t work you don’t eat.” Those are words of motivation.

    Look at every opportunity in life as a learning lesson to help you reach your goals. You never know what you can learn from someone and the opportunity. A closed mind will never survive in this economy because of the cost of living is so high and income from your job/work is so little. You can’t live a prosperous life on an income that doesn’t keep up with inflation and a retirement that is tied to a volatile market. It’s time to step out on faith and start building your brand and business. Start focusing what you have to create what you need to expand your realities.



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